God tier or Dog tier of foods?

So 6,000 adults were surveyed about British foods for YOUGOV. 4,000 of them rated Yorkshire Pudding, Sunday Roast and full English breakfast as the best - in the ‘God Tier’ of foods.

So what do dogs say are the ‘God Tier’ of foods?

My friends and I say that owners think that chicken and beef and those dried dog sausages are the God tier for dogs. But we disagree! Loudly!

To us, the god tier may be what the owner is eating, but basically the dog tier are the wonderful smelly, fermenting things we root out in the garden or park. The duck poop, other dogs’ poop, decayed burger, oh yum I’m feeling hungry.
Marco and a Yorkshire Pudding
But not for Yorkshire pudding…
I really don’t rate it
Marco and a Yorkshire Pudding


And finally, the advice from my Labrador friend who walks his owner very sedately  in the park ‘Remember Marco, if you can’t eat it, or hump it, pee on it and walk away’.


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