Marco’s newsblog about dogs February 2020

J and I liked this feature about how dogs help people. Here is Mitchell aged 12 who has Autism but is helped by Slushie. Slushie helps Mitchell with his social anxiety which is part of his Autism. Mitchell is keen to point out that Autism – for him – is not all bad.

We had never heard of flyballing but it looks so much fun.  Mitchell and Slushie are part of a flyball team called the 'Flea Jumperz' - in flyball teams of four dogs race to get a ball and bring it back over a series of hurdles.

See the wonderful video on

We agree with Mitchell when he says what a dog brings: dogs are good for people because they can lighten up anyone’s day. You can have a bad day then coming home and seeing a dog running at you is just the best.


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