Marco’s Dog’s Eye View of Swanage Pier – is this the most dog friendly pier in Britain?

Marco says ‘went with M and J to Swanage. They couldn’t attend the re-opening of Swanage Pier in April by Timothy West. But, but, as they are generally well behaved on their lead I took them as a treat later.

I got a tasty dog biscuit from the Toll Collector, and got onto the pier for free. M and J had to pay £1 each.

Marco and J - Swanage Pier 

Mine was the very best view of the brass plaques set into the planks, as they were just under my paws. My favourite was the Chelsea one – their Championship win in 2005.

Swanage Pier 

At the pier end, embarrassingly, my courage failed and I had to be carried up and down the steps between the levels…..’ But I had a lovely greeting from the assistants in the Pier shop while the adults browsed.

J says: the pier is well organised for visitors; we did six of the Top 10 things to do from the brochure given to us. The suggestion ‘find your favourite plaque’ had M and I examining many of the 800 sponsored (at £125 each) plaques fixed to the planks, which aren’t only commemorative of death but celebrate many events; Rory and Ellie’s engagement at the pier 6.08.17, Abi’s 21st Birthday, St Mary’s School Aylesbury years 5 and 6 but my favourite two were presumably twins ‘David Syred 60 not out’ and ‘Richard Syred 60 not out’.

Swanage Pier

I didn’t agree with Jon Bounds and Danny Smith’s comparison of Swanage Pier with a 1980’s Carry on Film. But perhaps because Jon - or Danny – didn’t have an iPod, maybe they didn’t have the opportunity to access the website or the Pier Trust’s digital tour.

Marco says: My dog friendly rating of Swanage Pier was 10/10.

Marco - Swanage Pier

I rated for access, free entry, my welcome in the pier shop and cafe, dog facilities (water and the dog biscuit) and tolerance of my puppy accident.  

J says: Marco couldn’t find information about dog access on the website before visiting but he does freely admit he cannot read!




Pier Review A road trip in search of the great British seaside by Jon Bounds and Danny Smith 2016 ISBN 978-1-84953-811-4.

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