Marco at Southwold Pier in Storm Dennis

So this is my return to blogging – been busy helping J with a work project! And it was the windiest day ever, part of storm Dennis. There were such huge waves crashing under the pier I lost my nerve …looking down to see the gaps under my feet was scary. Pippa the spaniel was fearless though.

Southwold pier

So I was carried back from the end of the Pier.

Southwold pier

At the start of the pier is this huge wall painting of George Orwell.

Southwold pier

J read that he first came to live in Southwold in 1921, staying at four addresses. He wrote about Southwold in his novel A Clerygyman’s Daughter.

Dogs are welcome on the pier and in the Boardwalk café. I didn’t actually try a dog whelk though.

Southwold pier

We could hardly tear J away from the ‘Under the Pier’ show. The brochure described  ‘a mad arcade full of home-made coin operated machines built by enthusiasts’. Tim Hunkin is the brains behind the machines. He’s been a fan of arcade games since boyhood.

The Microbreak was J’s favourite, and she then failed badly at the mobility masterclass. This was a test of how quickly an 80 (or 90 or 100) year old can cross a motor way on a Zimmer frame.

The funniest part is the brochure, with Donald on the Zimmer frame, Greta taking the Microbreak and Boris on the Fly Drive.

J recommends it!

But I loved the beach in the wind

Marco at Southwold pier


Orwell in Southwold: His Life and Writings in a Suffolk Town Paperback. Ronald Binns   includes instructions on how to make your own coin operated machine!


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