Marco dog blog out and about week of 1st July

So it was the hottest day of the year. I went for a haircut - thanks to Mrs Allen I was looking quite smart and feeling much cooler.

Marco - haircut
But then J and I were walking about and I was just so thirsty. I think J was trying to get something for the garden. Don’t know why she bothers, I either try to eat it, dig it up or pee on it. The tomatoes have had a hammering until she hung them upside down, ridiculous.
Anyway, back to the desert that was Saturday. No water anywhere! Until Sainsbury’s where Jack on his own initiative had put out a bowl of water at the store entrance. He said this was the first time he’s done so, and it was because he was so hot.
Garden centre
Garden Centre

Paw’s up to Jack. Good job.

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