Dragon Boat Racing - Who knew that dragons could float?

I went to see the Dragon boat challenge in Kingston upon Thames on Sunday 21st July.

Marco at sign for Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing has a fascinating history: J said that it started over 2,500 years ago in China, amongst fishing communities along the Yangtze River. It was meant to placate the rain gods, encourage rainfall. We do need that!

J says: the racing is organised for charity by Kingston Rotary Club.  Here’s Mr Michael Kingham, President of Kingston-upon-Thames’ Rotary Club, which started in 1922. has been. In 2018, the Rotary Club’s Dragon Boat racing raised over £59K for local charities.

Rotary Club stall

Back to Marco - I loved watching the boats.

Brilliantly well done to the boat supporting Mencap who even had enough energy to give me my treats afterwards.

Mencap boat crew

Emily kept the time by beating the drum – you can see it in front of her.

Mencap boat crew

And after that had a browse about the stalls and funfair.

I had wonderful fussing and greeting from the Cancer Research stall, hope you raised money!

Cancer Research Stall

Cancer Research Stall

And such a dog friendly event.

Well done to everyone - I want to go again next year and maybe have a ride in a boat?


All photos by J

Thanks to Emily Dyson form Kingston Mencap and the dragon boat crew for photo permission

Thanks to Cancer Research for Marco’s treats


Kingston Rotary Club


Kingston Mencap

https://www.kingstonmencap.org.uk/ - contact is michelle@kingstonmencap.org.uk

to get involved with Kingston Mencap https://www.kingstonmencap.org.uk/how-to-get-involved/

Kingston Cancer Research


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